When Your Best Friend Asks To Borrow Your Favorite Game…

We all have our favorite game, I mean, it’s what we do. So, what do you say when your ‘best friend’ asks to borrow it? You have just entered, the Twilight Zone.


You invite your BFF over to see the game you’ve been going on about for the last two weeks, and then it happens…they ask if they could borrow…your precious.

I’m sure all you guys and gals have great friends who borrow things and return them in the same condition they went out in. But, what about that one friend who doesn’t? They are a lot like ‘Wimpy’ on Popeye, “I’ll gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Meanwhile, sixteen Tuesday’s later, you still don’t have your favorite game back.

Do you continue to loan games to him/her? I don’t have this problem because we usually have the same titles anyway. And, now that games are on Blu-ray disks it’s fairly hard to scratch one up. But somewhere out there, there’s always that one person who manages to do it.

Sometimes, when I go to people’s houses I’ll see a Blu-ray or game disk with the media side down, on an entertainment center or even on the floor. That’s a red flag if you ever get asked to borrow your game and it’s going to that house. I have heard some pretty tragic stories from people and to be honest, it’s just better to have them over where you can…control the environment.

I have a ridiculous amount of games on both systems and as hard as I fought against going digital, these days for reviews and testing it’s a pretty efficient way of doing it. Plus, if you wait for the digital sales with Xbox and PlayStation you can grab some games at crazy low prices that even challenge Amazon and Best Buy.

So, what about you? Have you had that friend who borrowed a game and never managed to get it back? Did his dog mistake it for a Dingo chew treat? Sometimes, the best way to keep that friendship may just be grabbing some chips and drinks and having a game night either there with them, or at your house. And for the love of everything, put some pants on…just saying.






Author: garycadle1

Christian, Writer, Game Design, Xbox, and Living Life In VR

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