‘Ghost Theory’ Coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

If you like to be scared, then we have the game for you. ‘Ghost Theory’ is coming to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but trust me, you want it.

In ‘Ghost Theory,’ you’ll be playing as a young woman in possession of powers in clairvoyance. You join a secret university research team who investigates and tries to prove the existence of the paranormal.

One of the coolest parts of the game is that each mission is an open-ended haunted ground – a playable sandbox with its own story. The university is the player’s home base, where your work will be evaluated, and briefed for their next mission.

You’ll be going into real-life haunted sites and areas, that’s right, real areas that have reported actual haunted events. Places like the island of Poveglia, the woods of Aokigahara, and many haunted mansions in America.


Ghost Theory is a horror game but won’t have players trying to hide from creatures or shooting their way out of a mad house. This game is about fear and really seeing how investigations like this operate, and your conclusions are your own.

It wouldn’t be a true ghost investigation unless you got to use real-life ghost hunting tools, and they are keeping it spot on for realism. The player will be using EMF, blacklights, and full-spectrum cameras to capture anything you may see along the way. You’ll return to your home base after each mission at the university, where you and the team will go over any evidence you collect and make your conclusions.

The developer, Dreadlocks, has nailed the use of sound and suspense. The game is coming to Xbox One and PS4 but no release date is confirmed. If this comes to the PS4 Pro with VR…be afraid…be very afraid…