When You Find That One Game You Love

I’m currently working on designing a new video game and talking to a crew at GameStop about where I was going with the project. As I pulled my trusty iPhone to check a message one of the guys noticed my Skyrim wallpaper, and an hour later…


The topic quickly changed to the mega hours we had spent playing that game. Skyrim: Special Edition was a much-needed release for the current consoles. Just in that version alone, we had over 1300 hours invested in that magical land filled with dragons and open quests.

My problem is that I have so many games that fit that ‘love them’ stage it’s too long to list…but I will name my second favorite game…Fallout 4. You guessed it, I have over 400 hours alone in that one…and the other guys had well over 100 hours each as well. You may wonder how I have time to work on anything else, which is funny because I don’t know how I do either.


The point to all of this is that I hadn’t realized how much time I spend in the world of gaming, not counting the design, and now developing. The funny thing is, it doesn’t bother me any. I never get tired of it, and it never gets old.

My house looks like ThinkGeek threw up…well…everything because our house looks like an actual game museum. When I go somewhere I have my MacBook Pro, Xbox One S or my PS4 Pro…on holidays, weekend trips, and the list goes on.

Even when I’m trying to just relax with my wife and catch up on some TV (and have you seen ‘Iron Fist’ on Netflix?…Awesome!), I’m usually reading or scrolling through something about video games, or code, or something in that universe.

I’m pretty sure when my time comes on my tombstone there will be something like, “Game Over…Respawning?” Come on, that’s a good one, what?…I got jokes. I’ll be that old man still designing games, bugging guys at GameStop, and playing Battlefield 12. I can live with that.



Games To Wait On Until The Xbox One X Releases

If you’re going to drop $500 on the new Xbox One X console later this year, then you may want to hold off on playing a few game titles that are currently out and experience them later in the jaw dropping awesomeness of 4K Xbox fans have been waiting for.


Not only is there a long list of new upcoming 4K titles coming to the new console, but it will also improve a lot of your existing games using Xbox One X Enhanced. This will allow many of your current favorites to take advantage of the new technology and power and enhance them for an even better experience.

So, before you start off on a new quest or adventure you may want to hold out just a little longer and do it all with graphics pushed to the edge, especially if you have a new 4K TV.

Here is a list of 8 games that will look even better on Xbox One X:

  1. Gears of War 4
  2. Forza Horizon 3
  3. The Witcher 3
  4. Skyrim: Special Edition
  5. Hitman
  6. Dishonored 2
  7. Resident Evil 7
  8. Fallout 4

You could always play them now and then do a second play through later in 4K. I’m on my second play through on the Xbox One for Fallout 4 and on my first on the PS4 Pro. The PlayStation 4K upscale patch really shows what it can do for the graphics, and it looks amazing.

I stop and just look around a lot in the wasteland on the PS4 Pro, because the fog and the lighting are just slap-your-momma good…but not my momma…mine will hit back…and it’ll be in 4K with or without an HD TV.

I’m glad that both Microsoft and PlayStation are keeping console gaming moving forward, and hopefully, the era of the ‘7 to 8-year reign’ for consoles is officially dead. Think about it, do you want to keep your current iPhone or Droid for 7-8 years? Whenever the new iPhone, iPad, or MacBook is released I’m running to pick it up like a hobo on a corndog.

Console gaming for me is the same way. I want to play on the newest, most powerful console available. I want amazing graphics and parachute pants…just because. Hopefully, the new Xbox One X will be available for pre-order soon, the wait is killing me, like my daughter-in-law who likes Jar Jar Binks…that’s strike one.